CPod Tools are a set of python scripts for ChinesePod users (mainly premium users) with an user interface for OSX 10.4.

I'm Addicted to ChinesePod...

And I just got my first Mac ever. Now I'm playing around with OSX scripting. I wrote some Python scripts for my daily ChinesePod workflow and an AppleScript Studio application for the easy input. Everything is quite quick and dirty, but maybe those tools are useful for other CPod addicts as well...

Please note, that this software is provided “as is” and I can't provide much support and absolutely no guarantee for it. I didn't pack the python scripts deep into the app-package, so you can access them easily.

I only learn and use simplified characters. The CPodTools only work for simplified characters, but it should be quite easy to add traditional support. I'd need samples of a dialogue transcript, expansion source html (the sentences part only) a CPod vocab.csv for knowing what to do.

Please leave any messages, questions, remarks, improvements (or kudos) in the project forums, the Bugtracker or the Feature Requests. And please pardon my bad English. I'm really focused on Chinese...

Warm regards, and keep on learning!

Anne M.

Current version

Current version is 1.4, released December 2 2007. It handles ChinesePod's new login system when scraping lesson infos and expansion sentences.

By the way, since the expansion sentences come without pinyin, I convert the file fetched by CPodTools to pinyin using DimSum. I save it as an extra file and then merge the two using a small mergeLines.py script. Still not really comfortable, but better than pasting everything line by line.