CPod Tools are a set of python scripts for ChinesePod users (mainly premium users) with an user interface for OSX 10.4.

The Vocab CSV Tab

Vocab CSV

From this tab you can

Converting a CPod Vocab CSV file

  1. From CPod's vocab section export some or all vocab to a CSV file:
  2. In CPodTools select the CSV file as CPod CSV file.
  3. Set Target file. That's where the converted file will be stored. If the file already exists it will be overwritten.
  4. Click Options... and set the Conversion Options. Especially take care to set the right input format: exporting all your vocab from CPod will result in a different format than exporting only selected parts of it. Read more about the conversion settings in chapter Conversion Options.
  5. (Optional) If you want to download the audio-mp3s check Download Audio and specify a target folder. You can quickly open the folder in the Finder by clicking the small square button on the right.

    By default the field containing the mp3-link is called "mp3" in the Conversion Options field list. If you have, whyever, entered another name for the mp3-field, you can specify it here.

    If you access the web via a HTTP proxy server, specifiy it in the HTTP-Proxy field.

  6. If Terminal is running, make sure to have a Terminal window open.
  7. Click Run.
    A terminal window will open and run the script

Python Scripts

The python scripts involved are:

Run scriptname --help in the terminal to get more info about the standalone usage of those scripts.